Bonne Fete
Bonne Fete Bonne Fete Bonne Fete Bonne Fete

Imagine riding a bicycle down the boulevard with a crispy baguette in hand, locking your heart on a bridge, or falling in love with adventure under the twinkly lights of the Eiffel Tower. From melt-in-your-mouth macaroons to stone-chiseled bodies that live in museums, you can almost hear the city whisper back je t’aime in your ear. 

Full Frame Crop

11x17" on 12x18" sheet of paper 
16x24" on 20x30" sheet of paper 
20x30" on 24x36" sheet of paper 
(all dimensions in inches)

Standard Size Crop

11x14" on 12x16" sheet of paper
16x20" on 20x24" sheet of paper