Turn any space into a dream destination.
What if you could flirt with adventure
without booking a plane ticket?

Annawithlove curates visual escapes for daydreamers who have an insatiable desire to bring beauty into their everyday life. These collections are colourful, inspirational, a celebration of the homes we live in and an invitation to admire the grand world outside our doors.

 Delight in the details that move you.
Capture the spirit of your wanderlust.
And learn how to master the art of living.

Fine art photography can make everyday life feel glamourous.

The first time I met Paris, it taught me that beauty is a lifestyle. From the artists in the street to the architecture that towered over me, my passion for photography was stirred the moment I looked up at the Eiffel Tower.

The feeling the city ignited in me can only be described as la vie est belle...life is beautiful.

Since then, I’ve jetset from Italy to London to New York, bringing back pieces of my journey to share with you. I capture moments imbued with magic, so you can turn your home or office into your everyday getaway.

My wish is that my fine art collections will be a tribute to your personal style, make you smile in passing, and inspire you to explore your curiosities from the coziness of your sofa.

A cure for even the dullest days, a stolen glance will have you seeing the beauty right in front of you and incorporating it into your life at home.


Hello, darling! I’m Anna, a gabby Greek living in Toronto and the leading lady of this photography party.


Annawithlove is a compilation of charming subtleties from the cities that inspire me most. Think pops of pink, secret seashores, archways that tell a story, doors that aren’t colour-shy, and old world glamour.

Here are a few of my (other) favourite things: My handsome Mr and bebe J, sprinkle donuts, upside-down Americanos with one pump of white mocha, reading socks, dance parties, mint chocolate anything.

If you’re interested in collaborating, I’d love to hear your ideas. You can reach me here.