Imagine riding a bicycle down the boulevard with a crispy baguette in hand, locking your heart on a bridge, or falling in love with adventure under the twinkly lights of the Eiffel Tower. From melt-in-your-mouth macaroons to stone-chiseled bodies that live in museums, you can almost hear the city whisper back je t’aime in your ear.

Joie de Vivre On sale
Rosé and Stay On sale
Soiree Sold out
Mademoiselle On sale
Amelie On sale
A la Carte On sale
Belle de Jour On sale
Eloise On sale
Bon Appetit On sale
Bonne Fete Sold out
Bonsoir Sold out
Cafe Creme Sold out
Holy Chic Sold out
Concierge On sale
Margot On sale
Francophile Sold out
Madame Sold out
Parisienne Sold out
The Louvre Sold out
Rendez-Vous On sale
Reflections Sold out
Le Carousel Sold out
From Up Here On sale
Astonish Me Sold out
Amaze Me Sold out
Day Dreaming Sold out
Picture Perfect On sale
It Takes Two On sale
Oui Oui On sale
Oh La La On sale
L'Enchanteur Sold out
Hidden Dreams On sale
Bonjour Sold out
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