Paralia Paralia Paralia Paralia Paralia

'Paralia' is one of the best words in the Greek language because it means 'beach'! A chic and stylish beach on the island of Mykonos. The perfect place to blissfully waste your day away. 

The mythic beauty of ancient Athens, the turquoise seas, the olive trees that smell so’s enough to make your heart go opa! There’s a slow savouring of life where two-hour coffee breaks make sense and boats stay adrift in harbours. Even if it’s all Greek to you, why not escape to this island paradise and crush on those sunsets while you sip a glass of wine?

11x17" on 12x18" sheet of paper 
16x24" on 20x30" sheet of paper 
20x30" on 24x36" sheet of paper 
(all dimensions in inches)